Our activity

Mold for plastic injection

image illustrant un moule injection plastique

We are a trusted partner for many of our industrial customers in France and abroad.
We work following our customers technical specifications in order to :

  •  Make and develop your test mould
  • Make and develop your indsutrial mould
  • Support you during the mould‘s entire life (mold adjustment-maintenanceretrofit-garantueed renewal)
  • Manufacture new moulding éléments
  • Modify your mould to fit different moulding device

Our strengths

Molds from 1 to 128 cavities

Tool life

Complete industrial tool

A team of experienced technicians

Our technical team from the design office provides you with optimized technical solutions in the design of your mold in order to best adapt it to your presses and peripherals. Our Studies and Industrialization department is at your disposal to provide an optimized solution for parts and mechanical assembly elements

We offer different mold designs adapted to the architecture of your injected parts. We master:

  • Unscrewing molds
  • Multi-cavity mold (up to 64 cavities)
  • A hot runner nozzle open and closed
  • Drawer mold
  • Shell mold
  • Riser mold
  • Multi-opening mold
  • Bi-material mold
  • 2 plate mold
  • For hinged caps

We offer our customers mold testing in order to:

  • Validate the kinematics and the mechanical behavior of the mold on a pre-series defined by the customer
  • Control the Quality aspect of the parts according to the Customer specifications

After the first trial, we work closely with our client to:

  • Debrief on the essay:
    – Behavior of the mold according to its kinematics and its machine settings recommended by the customer
    – Ensure reporting on the quality of injected parts
  • Initiate corrective actions if necessary with our workshop for a development of the mold

We offer various retrofit and maintenance programs to extend the screw life of your moulds.

From the addition of a cycle counter to the complete retrofit of a mould, we bring our expertise to the refurbishment of your tools with:

  •  Refurbishment of your fingerprint lines
  •  Manufacture of new molding elements identical to your new mold
  •  New assembly of standard or manufactured wear elements
  •  Complete ultrasonic cleaning
  •  Without 2D and 3D plans, we can make new plans from an existing part thanks to our 3D camera system and our metrology devices.

Our team is at your disposal to provide you with an optimized solution. Our plastic injection molds are used in particular in areas such as:

  • Cosmetic
  • Food / Pharmaceutical industry
  • Pharmacy / Medical
  • Defense
  • electronics
  • Aeronautics / Space
  • petrochemicals
  • agriculture
  • Renewable energies
  • State research and development centers


  • Injection bloc chaud buse obturée
  • Injection latérale sous-marine sur pièce
  • Guidage par centreurs extérieurs de la plaque DV
  • Plan de joint tiroir invisible
  • Aspect poli glace

MOULE COSMETIQUE Mini moule 8E. Buse

  • Micromécanique
  • 8 empreintes
  • Dimensions plaques moule:  160x160mm
  • Usinage de petites dimensions: Diamètre 0,26mm


  • Injection bloc chaud buse ouverte – PI inter
  • Démoulage filet sauté
  • Éjection par DV
  • Recentrage de la PF et PM par centreur droit