The importance of “Deadlines” thanks to the responsiveness of our suppliers and partners of geographical proximity, it is also for us “Responsible” Purchasing for local economic development.

Because Quality and Respect for deadlines are essential, we strive on a daily basis to be as close as possible to our customers in the follow-up of business. Communication and Transparency are our watchwords in all of our services.

Because it is vital for our company to maintain the sustainability of the activity, we encourage the path of learning. CONANEC INDUSTRIE is the company par excellence where the whole team is aware that our success is based on the capacity of all employees.

Know us

Conanec Industrie

Our history

  • 1993 Creation

    Daniel CONANEC established a one-man business specialiding in turning and milling subcontracting and mold making.

  • 1995 First investment in a milling machining center

  • 1998 to 2002 Dobling of the workforce capacity

  • 2002 Creation of the design office

  • 2002 Workshop extension+ 750m²

  • 2005 First partnership with a key account customer

  • 2015 Investment in a rotary machining center

  • 2021 New extension of the workshop +250m2

  • 2022 Launch of our new website


Customer request




Customer acceptance


Pre-study of the design office


Acceptance of the pre-study by the customer


Global study by the design office


Purchase process dor raw material


Manufacturing process


Testing process



Our value chain

We analyze your request and we provide our recommendations

Our goal: an adapted and competitive offer while respecting deadlines and quality

This is the beginning of our close collaboration

Following your request, we provide 2D or 3D study design

The last detail and correction are reviewed in order to launch the complete study with the final customer. We can contribute our expertise on AMDEC reviews

Our design office draws up plans and nomenclatures following the pre-study previously planned

Thanks to our local and responsive supplier panel, we have the capacity to improve our lead times

This is the process which includes Programmation, machining, grinding and adjustment

Following the customer's request, molds are tested under real-life conditions with pre-series

An adjustment operation is carried out after analysis of the injected parts

Photo d'un client
Photo illustrant la phase d'acceptation pré-étude
image illustrant le service étude avec une modélisation 3D d'un moule
Photo illustrant le service
Image illustrant le service
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Photo illustrant la phase d'acceptation pré-étude

Real point of entry during the launch of the business, our technical sales team is your contact in the technical analysis and the definition of the need, according to your input data, in order to provide you with an appropriate costing.


bureau d'etude

Our team of designers is at your disposal to offer you the solution best suited to your needs. Our design office is your direct partner in the development of pre-studies and studies according to your specifications.

Design office

It is a key team in the articulation of manufacturing and the management of raw material supplies. After the study, it is our main function that initiates our following manufacturing process:
– Creation of production orders
– Consultation and management of raw material supplies
– Subcontracting management

Method and purchases

A key position for the control and acceptance of our manufactured parts and elements.
But the function does not stop there, monitoring the quality of supplier parts is essential to ensure final assembly without anomalies.
For our Quality department, anticipation, rigor and prevention are required to avoid any delays in our manufacturing process.


This is the central element for the launch of machining cycles according to the plans communicated by our Methods department. Our team of Computer Aided Manufacturing Methodists is equipped with Mastercam software for the development of Milling and Finishing programs.


Our qualified personnel in precision machining is trained to best meet your Quality expectations and, Deadlines Our entire team of Turners works on CNC machining centers. We are equipped with bi-spindle machines which allows us to considerably reduce our phase change times machining.


Our team of Milling Machines has the capacity and the necessary equipment to respond to
high customer requirements such as:
– Machining of hard, noble and standard materials
– High speed machining on complex shapes
– Machining of mold carcasses and their drilling


photo illustrant l'étape d'enfonçage et fil
Do you want a specific surface condition according to SPI (Society of plastic industry) or VDI standards obtained by electro-erosion? We are able to provide you with the ideal rendering according to your requirements and the appropriate materials. Our equipment and know-how allow us to obtain surface conditions ranging from up to Ra 0.02 in index A-1 on the SPI scale. Wire cutting has the advantage of obtaining fine cuts thanks to the wire diameter of 0.25mm. Our flexibility in this position allows us to respond positively to emergency requests. Its advantages are various such as: – The machining of complex shapes that cannot be produced by machining and/or erosion – Ensures a good surface condition – High precision

Sinking and wire

photo illustrant l'étape d'ajustage d'une pièce en métal
This is the final step where the fitter magic happens. Endowed with real know-how, the polished Adjuster, if necessary, retouches the parts of the mold to perfection for the proper functioning of its kinematics. Finally, he carries out the final assembly of the assembly before its tests.


They trust us


« CONANEC INDUSTRIE has real know-how »


« Continue like that »


« We will certainly continue with you for the responsiveness and quality of your services. »


« Stay as you are »


« The clarity of the deadline and its keeping. Rigorous machining quality for an often competitive budget. »